95 years of Sudbrock

From a tiny carpentry to a modern furniture company

The East Westphalian company, which is now based in Rietberg, has an eventful history: one world war; several recessions and the economic miracle have all helped to make this traditional family company what it is today.

In Johannes Sudbrock the company now has the third generation at the helm, guiding it safely and responsibly towards the future. Under this leadership the company has established itself as the brand manufacturer of exclusive furniture and hallway unit systems. What was once a tiny carpentry has become a modern company with over 90 employees that is also active on the international market.

How it all began

In 1922, Johannes Sudbrock senior opened a small carpentry in Wiedenbrück. He employed a few assistants, and together they made furniture, stairways, windows and doors. After surviving inflation and the economic crisis, business really started to boom in the 1930s.

During the war and in the years afterwards, Sudbrock’s motto was “improvise”. There was a shortage of raw materials; the assistants had to join up, and the order situation was challenging.

Hallway units to success

However, things improved dramatically in the 1950s. Franz Josef Sudbrock shifted from being a craftsman’s establishment to series production. The company’s kitchen, bedroom and living room furniture was very well received by customers, and put it on course for success.

The company finally achieved its breakthrough with its hallway units. Not only for their excellent quality, but also for the fresh designs combined with practical details helped to ensure that Sudbrock hallway units quickly became popular items of furniture. With them, the company achieved dramatic growth. In 1957 the company started to build new production facilities on a 12,000 m² site in Rietberg-Bokel.

Then as now – focus on quality

Three generations of the family and its staff have worked hard to achieve a high level of competence in wood. The latest technology and skilled craftsmanship are combined to create unique design furniture with the quality seal “Made in Germany”. Almost all of the company’s production staff have been trained by the company. Often following in their fathers’ footsteps.

“Most of our success is due to our staff. Their commitment enables us to keep delighting our customers with our products,” says Johannes Sudbrock.