ABC of SUDBROCK advantages

Clear varnishes | Environmentaly friendly clear varnish for all real wood veneer furniture. The clear varnish finish is applied in up to five coats with corresponding intermediate grinding. This provides an excellent depth effect.

Coloured lacquer | Environmentaly friendly, solvent-free hydro­UV water-based lacquer for almost all coloured lacquering. Application takes place in a lacquering line from the latest generation.

Corpus strip | Made of hard-wearing, dimensionally stable solid wood. For PANAMA (see photo) semi-circular, for MODO with an inward bevel. The so-called edging strip is coordinated to the front veneer of the corpus and forms a smooth edging. A time-consuming process that gives SUDBROCK furniture lasting handcrafted beauty.

Depth of production | Thanks to its many specialists, SUDBROCK works in a depth of production very rare in the world today. From the purchase of round woods over the individual production steps through to final assembly – we produce everything at our works in Rietberg­Bokel. We purchase our metal products such as e.g. hinges or fittings from selected suppliers with the same high quality standards as we have ourselves.

Design awards Sculpture hook S1 – red dot design award winner 2008 and nominated for the Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany in 2009. Cabinet Domino – interior innovation award winner 2012. Sideboard Cut-Y – red dot design award winner 2013.

Door hinges with soft cushioning | Gentle closing of large doors. All types of hinges used must have passed a test of more than 25,000 opening cycles.

Drawer material | Multiple-layer glued frames acc. to the Multiplex system (PANAMA/ MODO). Torsion-resistant and extremely stable.

Drawer pull-outs | Full pull-outs are used – with concealed ball-bearing underfloor guides and soft­close mechanism. The drawers still move easily and safely even years later.

E1-FPY panels | Wooden chippings and artificial resin glue are subjected to heat and high pressure to be pressed into highly stable panels. For SUDBROCK it is the ideal base material for top-quality veneers.

Full veneer | Exterior surfaces, rear panels and all visible interior surfaces are veneered with real wood.

Guarantee | SUDBROCK gives a five-year guarantee on all coat racks and furniture.

Individual coat racks and furniture | Each element is a unique production. Because SUDBROCK believes that not everything in life has to be prefabricated. After all, everyone has their own tastes and individual needs. This is why SUDBROCK has developed programs to allow the future owner maximum possible freedom: In the colours, types of wood, details, sizes and in the combination of all these features. Of course special sizes beyond the normal raster system are also possible.

Johannes Sudbrock | Grad. Industrial Engineer, owner and Company Manager. The third generation. Loves wood and lives wood. Knows each of the about 80 employees personally and the ins and outs of their work. Associates himself with each piece of furniture that leaves the company premises.

Made in Germany | SUDBROCK is committed to German quality. With its more than 90-year history, SUDBROCK belongs to the traditional companies in the furniture branch of east Westphalia. The highly qualified employees of course make use of state-of-the-art technology, but deep in their hearts they are still committed to traditional craftsmanship. Almost all production employees were trained as carpenters by SUDBROCK.

MDF panel | Medium-density fibreboard. Almost bark-free coniferous wood is particularly finely defibred and gently pressed, similar to E1 wooden material panels. The result is a very homogenous material in vertical and horizontal direction with firm, smooth edges, which can be cut and profiled as solid wood. MDF are very suitable for lacquering.

Mitre corpus | The corpus panels mitred to a 45° angle are precisely adapted, glued and ground to the millimetre exactly by hand. Thus edges are created that can be perfectly painted, allowing a continuous veneer image. Sheer beauty! And the precondition for the seamless stringing together or stacking of elements.

Planning service | You are at the right address when it comes to planning. Please contact your dealer with your wishes and sketches. You will receive the planning offer with price calculation. We will be pleased to advise you in case of special dimensions and colours.

Price-performance ratio | Honest and good. SUDBROCK makes furniture for people who love their home and want to feel permanently comfortable there.

Quality control | Each piece of corpus furniture is firmly glued and fully assembled including caps, doors and drawers before being delivered. Metal hooks and coat rack elements are supplied with pre-drilled panels for assembly.

Real wood veneer | It has the environmentally conscious thickness of 0.5–0.7 mm and has beautiful, deep wood structures.

Shelf supports | Very stable metal pins with plastic sheathing. Suitable both for wooden and glass shelves.

Soft-close mechanism | A silent closing mechanism for drawers and flaps. A fingertip push is sufficient.

Surfaces with hydro-UV lacquer | Water is extracted from the fresh lacquer using hot air. UV light is used for hardening.

System furniture | Suitable for attachments, combinable and expandable. The furniture can adopt other functions or take on a new design, it can be easily dismantled and assembled again. This makes it particularly easy to handle when moving home.

Veneer grain | SUDBROCK Veneered furniture is given a uniform, continuous grain – this gives stacked corpuses, transverse panels and rows of doors and front panels an exclusive appearance – as if made from one piece. For large, multiple-section areas surfaces the veneer is “turned upside down“ with high precision: Two sections respectively form a veneer and its mirror image. You will find examples on pages 57 and 58.

VOC Guideline | SUDBROCK complies with the Volatile Organic Compounds-Guideline (reduction plan on the limitation of emissions of volatile organic compounds).

Wood origin | Woods from sustainable forestry certified in accordance with the German PEFC system are mainly processed: Beech, maple, ash, cherry and oak. The felled trunks are directly inspected and selected on site by Johannes Sudbrock. Foreign woods such as olive and American walnut round off the material selection. Attention is constantly paid that all woods come from sustainable forestry.