The ‘Berliner Bock’ (‘Berlin sawhorse’) sounds the starting signal for the DESIGNELEMENTS series that allows Sudbrock to create furniture out of solid remnants of native oak. This extends the bespoke Sudbrock range by adding a modern, lightweight and mobile series of furniture. Our DESIGNELEMENTS can be combined with any SUDBROCK programme. Add creative accents and create individual storage solutions.

Berlin buck

The Berlin buck comes with an unique ‘second floor’: The integrated shelf makes the table a functional place to work. Important things can be placed within reach, so more space is available on the table surface. Therefore the desk is suitable for small rooms too.
Each body part of the trestle fulfills a particular function: The leg position provides leg space for the user, the back carries the Linoleum coated table top, ‘neck’ and ‘head’ hold the useful shelf.

The contemporary combination of mobile functionality, striking look and sustainability fulfils the maxims of Sudbrock. Founded in 1922 as a carpentry, today the East Westphalian firm is an authority for high-quality furniture made of native woods and in exceptional lacquer quality. These are created from whole tree trunks that are processed into sawn timber and veneer and then put to sustainable use, down to the last wood chip. The portion of the trunk that cannot be used for the large formats of system furniture is put to use in smaller-sized solid wood elements such as fitted strips, back panel reinforcements or body edges – and now also for the slender frame of the Berlin sawhorse. As a forest specialist and hunter, Johannes Sudbrock appreciates this not only for its design and function but also from an ecological point of view.

All three models, The Berlin buck, Saw and LENA, were designed by Michael Hilgers, whose approach to design demonstrates a fine sense for space-efficient and inspiring contemporary interiors – attractively applying this sense of style in sustainable synergy with Sudbrock. In addition to the ICONIC Award, this creative alliance was also nominated for the German Innovation Award 2018.


SAW is a minimalist space-saving storage for hallway, bathroom etc.
The movable mirror serves as a sliding door and rolls like a saw blade through a massive oak plank.


This minimalist object changes its function by insertable plug-in elements:
LENA transforms from a simple console into a space-saving desk or a delicate dressing table.

Material: solid oak / wooden composite board with melamine coating.