Energy label

According to the EU regulation no. 874/2012 energy consumer labeling of electric lighting, all lights that are permanently installed in a cabinet, are identified with an energy label. This label must be placed near the illumination by the furniture retailer.

Below you can download the corresponding label for the lighting in our furniture programs, directly as PDF file. To do so, please click on the desired file.

The original size of the label is 50 x 100 mm.

Lichtkanal inkl. LED-Band “Nubio”

Artikel: 27615, 27616, 27617

LED-Beleuchtung RACE

Artikel: 27218

Deko Line inkl. LED-Band ohne Silikonhülle

Artikel: 27680, 27681, 27682, 27684

LED-Band 60,0 cm

Artikel: 27222

LED-Band 120,0 cm

Artikel: 27224

LED-Band 500,0 cm

Artikel: 27227

LED Superlight Spot

Artikel: 27624

LED-Beleuchtung SUN

Artikel: 27201, 27202


Artikel: 27211 und 27212