Colour as a feel-good factor


80 percent of our sensory perception is provided by the eye. Consequently, colours play a significant role in the way one feels about a room. The right hue can make us feel entirely at home. We achieve this sense of well-being with our own colour concept, making us – as a specialist for native woods – the address of choice when it comes to high-quality furniture with extraordinary lacquer quality and range.

CUBO 102: colour balance between neutral shell grey, sage and forest green


Every new hue is developed based on the following criteria: which basic colour should form the foundation? How high should the proportion of colour and grey be? Which nuances are a perfect fit with the existing hues of the Sudbrock colour palette? This approach not only applies to the coloured lacquers but to the veneers as well: for instance, different stains have been developed for the European oak, which is currently in high demand, with a counterpart lacquer colour for each stain, as well as perfectly harmonising grey and beige tones of different intensities.

This Sudbrock colour world has grown over time, and whoever creates combinations within it will enjoy an attractive and harmonious result, even if he or she varies the intensity, the colour portion or the brightness level. Since all of the furniture is manufactured entirely in Rietberg-Bokel, metal or glass components can be coordinated with precise nuancing, from the colour-matching glass top panel on the sideboard, drawer unit, etc., to handles, handle strips, aluminium frames and even drawer frames and compartments.

In our production department, we use environmentally-friendly, solvent-free hydro UV lacquers that provide excellent finishes. The clear lacquer finish is applied in up to five layers, with each layer sanded before the next one is applied. This results in an excellent depth effect.


GAME favourite pieces Scarlett: spirited drawer unit in brick, Oriental and Indian red

The wealth of product photos offer inspiration for those who assemble their own colour combinations, for instance with expressive reds, elegant nuances of grey, delicate powder tones and natural pastel colours. These people find decision-making reliability that is underscored by the certainty of being able to reorder any nuance, and any special hue, indefinitely.

CUBO 100: natural walnut as a warm contrast to forest green and shell grey

FOKUS 66: grey oak fits in wonderfully with our nuances of grey, here e.g. stone grey

GAME 62: perfectly harmonising beige tones of sienna, terra and cashmere with Sahara oak.

FOKUS 22: we stain the oak veneers in matched hues; here we combine coffee oak with Sahara oak.

GAME 78: ice cream combination: curry, sage and antique pink with milk oak

GAME 76: natural pastels shell grey, sage with Sahara oak.

CUBO 49: in addition to the Sudbrock colour palette, there are special colours to order, in matt smooth lacquer and high-gloss lacquer.