Practised sustainability

Wood origin

At Sudbrock, the word “sustainability” is the daily practice rather than just the advertising buzzword of the day. We only use timber from certified sustainable forestries. The wood varieties beech, maple, ash, cherry and oak are obtained from native forests, and bear the PEFC seal as the confirmation of origin.Managing director Johannes Sudbrock selects every single tree trunk himself in order to be sure of obtaining first-class veneers. Quality and structure must meet the highest standards. Because every tree offers the veneer its particular structure, which then has to show the furniture at its very best.

Environmentally-friendly finishes

In our production department, we use environmentally-friendly, solvent-free hydro UV lacquers that provide excellent finishes. Almost all of our coloured lacquers are solvent-free hydro UV lacquers. We use UV clear lacquer on our veneered furniture. The clear lacquer finish is applied in up to five layers, with each layer sanded before the next one is applied. This results in an excellent depth effect.

Hydro UV lacquer means warm air draws the moisture out of the fresh lacquer. It is hardened with UV light.

We first started observing the VOC directive (volatile organic compounds), the reduction plan to limit emissions of volatile organic compounds, in 2008.

Saving resources

We use all resources carefully. From the tree trunk to the tiniest wood chip, we use one hundred percent of the raw material wood. There is even a use for wood waste from the production department. They are used as fuel for the new heating plant, and turned into valuable heat energy. The company uses this heat in the production process, and in winter to heat the production halls and offices. We are convinced that practised sustainability is not only good for the environment, but also ensures that the users’ joy in their new furniture continues for a long time – and with a clear conscience

100% Made in Germany

In-house production

Our specialists give us a depth of in-house production that is really special. From the purchase of wood to the individual production processes and final assembly, we manage and manufacture everything in Rietberg-Bokel. We source metal components such as hinges and fittings from suppliers that have the same high quality standards as we do.

Veneer competence

For over 90 years, we have been “passionate about wood”. This passion is evident above all in the special wood competence that we have developed together with our workforce over three generations. One special division is the manufacture of elegant veneer patterns. Beautiful, continuous grain patterns across several front elements create the unique appearance of the furniture. Skilled craftsmanship and precision are also required when veneers are book-matched. The results are impressive mirror images: every one a one-off from nature’s treasure chest.

Sensuous and expressive: real wood veneers. Thanks to our particular veneer competence, we are able to produce wonderful designs on our furniture.