About us

The name of the company stands for quality

Quality down to the smallest detail – that is our claim.

Using the latest technology and manual skills, we manufacture contemporary furniture that is absolutely perfectly designed, practical and functional. We at Sudbrock are specialized in the production of individual system furniture. These innovative furnishing systems offer unlimited design freedom.

For over 90 years we have lived and worked where manual skills and wood are at home. The company is now in the third generation and under the successful management of Johannes and Theres Sudbrock. Qualified staff produce excellent handmade quality “Made in Germany”.

Interview with Johannes Sudbrock

“We make furniture retain its value“

Mr. Sudbrock, you personally go out into the forest in winter to choose local woods?

We want to make furniture that retains its value. For his, quality assurance starts where the wood is harvested: deep in the forest.

What do you particularly look for when it comes to workmanship?

The nature of the veneer pattern and the detailed wood quality can only be recognised during processing. Steaming gives veneer and solid wood components the same wood colour. We have aligned our production processes such that this colour identity is more or less maintained. But the solid character should still be recognisable. The uniform optical effect makes it well worth the effort.

Are there any fine features that are typical for SUDBROCK?

Three examples:

  1. We cut the corpus strips, also referred to as edging strips, out of the full solid wood. They are also particularly stable. And what is more, corpus and edging form an optical unit.
  2. We use solid wood in other places, too: Concealed, for example for the fastening of panels, cupboards, bases and facings, and visible for instance as support panels or facing panels. This makes the furniture sturdier, more stable in value and stronger when it comes to moving home.
  3. We veneer the furniture inside and out. On the back of the rear panel as a so-called blind veneer. The panel then remains optimally firm and resistant to warping.

How long to you give a guarantee for your furniture?

SUDBROCK furniture is “Made in Germany“, and we are proud to be able to give a five-year guarantee. Almost all production employees have trained with us as carpenters. Frequently even their fathers before them. So one generation of SUDBROCK furniture makers has passed on its commitment to quality to the next. You can sense – and it reflects in the furniture. Each piece of SUDBROCK furniture produced to order is unique in design.

You are leading the SUDBROCK furniture company in the third generation – the fourth is already playing with the wood chippings. Is that why you are so committed to sustainability?

Yes. All woods used in our production come from sustainable forestry. Environmental protection and the safety of the materials used are just as important to us.